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Why would someone like me want to do Special Event Videography? Very simply, most of the events involve people who are together for some special reason. Friends and families come together to celebrate life. They are enjoying themselves, and everyone is happy. How many times in today's world does that happen? Certainly, not enough. But for me, it can happen every time I start my cameras.


I also bring the perspective of a father who has seen his daughter marry, and knows the value of the video we had made. Just a few years later, there were already people in that video who had passed away or were greatly changed...but we can remember the happy times. My grandchildren have seen their parents' video and saw and heard the great grandparents they never met.


I've covered weddings and mitzvahs for more than 35 years, starting with piecing together Super-8 film. It had been a second job for me, but is now my greatest labor. I truly enjoy the technical challenges and the artistic effort of being a Washington, DC videographer, and your satisfaction and enjoyment.

"Allan is an exceptional videographer who gave us more than we could have ever hoped for in our wedding video. His edits, interviews, and personal attention before, during, and after our wedding demonstrated a level of customer service uncommonly seen. Allan takes the time to know the faces and relationships of important family members to help him appropriately piece together and personalize the video. We are incredibly happy with Allan’s work and highly recommend him." - Eric (The Groom)

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